Date Night

5 Date-Night Spots in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has become one of my all-time favorite cities to live in—from the food scene to the nightlife, there is nothing like enjoying an ice-cold beer or a delicious app with some of your closest friends, coworkers, or hunny at the end of a hot summer day. I’m always on the go and absolutely LOVE trying new things, so it’s not a surprise when I get asked for suggestions on new restaurants to try, places to visit, or things to do around the city of Philadelphia. Whether you’re attempting to impress a first date or bring your significant other on an adventure, I have you covered with these five summer date night spots in Philadelphia. 

  1.   Chinese Lantern Festival

This is one of my favorite places to visit when the beginning of summer strikes in Philadelphia. The Chinese Lantern Festival sets up memorizing lights so you can take a romantic sip and stroll with your date while gawking over the grogginess of your surroundings. The festival also offers mini golf, food, beer stands, and some over the top performances that you don’t want to miss.

  1.    Porta

Whether you’re looking for delicious pizza. wine, or games, Porta has it all! Start your night off over dinner among the tapered lighting for a romantic ambiance and then head downstairs for some live music and games. You and your date can enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine while competing in a game of corn hole, darts, or shuffleboard, and then sit down to listen to some live music. Porta is a GREAT first date spot because it’s interactive and you get to learn about your dates competitive spirit or loosen up over some jams. I love coming here for date night!

  1.   Independence Beer Garden

I always look forward to Memorial Day weekend in the city of Brotherly Love. Why you ask? The beer gardens of course! Philadelphia is known for their many beer gardens sporadically placed around the city, but Independence Beer Garden happens to be my all-time favorite out of the bunch. With four separate bar areas, music, picnic tables, and over 6 different outdoor games to choose from, Independence Beer Garden is a perfect interactive date spot. Located in the heart of Old City, you and your date could either choose to stay there or hop around to one of the many bars that surround it. Talk about a FUN date night!

  1.   Bury The Hatchet

Rainy day? NO PROBLEM! Bury the Hatchet is full of fun and laughter. It is fun and interactive and the best part of all- its BYO! That is bring your own beer AND food. It a great date spot for a rainy day over the summer. You can stop by Chicks Restaurant right next door, pick up dinner and drinks, and head over for some ax throwing-just make sure you aim high!

  1.   Helium Comedy Club

You CANNOT beat the hysterical laughter Helium Comedy Club provides for the audience. Not only is this a great date night spot for you and your significant other, but it’s also a great way for you to see if your date has a great sense of humor while you’re still in the “get to know you” phase. I mean, let’s be real; if he/she doesn’t have the ability to laugh at some ridiculously funny jokes, they’re not the one for you! I’m a strong believer that a healthy relationship should have endless amounts of laughter. Life is too short not to enjoy a chuckle every now and again!


Date night in Philadelphia can be much more than just dinner and a movie. While it’s fun to be low key at times, I prefer date nights with a little more spontaneity and action. I hope this list of interactive dates is a start to many magical date nights for you. If you have any questions or would like me to write about other incredible places around the city, please feel free to comment below! I would LOVE to hear your favorite spots!


5 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. I LOVE Independence Beer Garden, and have been meaning to catch the Chinese Lantern Festival! I definitely need to go now… and also return to Independence! They’re so close to each other, we could do both!


  2. I love independence!! And I can’t wait to try the others. I have been to Urban Axes, but Bury the Hatchet seems awesome too. I can’t wait to try it.

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