Dog Days of Summer-3 Places to Bring Your Pup on a Hot Summer Day

Summertime in Philadelphia is no joke. With the scorching sun beating down on you and the constant humidity, it can be hard to find it enjoyable at times. As hard as it is for us humans, imagine how difficult it can be for our fur children. I have had to come up with some creative ways to cool my pup off during these hot summer months. Here are some great ideas that you AND your pup can enjoy together — but first, let me get a little personal by introducing you to my four–year-old Chocolate Lab, Brody-Lover of all humans, balls, and food. You will be seeing him A LOT throughout my blog, so what better way to introduce you to him than giving you insight to some of his favorite places!



  1. Rita’s

    If there is one thing I RAVE about when talking about Philadelphia, it’s their love for dogs. There are endless amounts of dog-friendly restaurants that allow you to enjoy some QT time with your furchild. Ritas; Famous for their “Wooder Ice”…or “Water Ice” if you’re not a Pennsylvania native like myself, offers dogs a delicious summer treat perfect for a hot summer night. All you need to do is ask them for a doggie ice cream and they’ll know exactly what you mean! For only $1.65 your pup can enjoy a kiddie ice cream with a treat to top it off. Talk about spoiled! (of course, if your dog does not handle lactose well, this would not be a great idea)



  1. Wissahickon Trail

The Wissahickon Trail is the ultimate place to bring your pup on a hot summer day. You can get some exercise on the shaded trail that stretches for 8.5 miles along the Namesake Creek while your pup submerges themselves into the refreshing water. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! I’m all about getting something out of these outings with your furchild. The trail is surrounded by many interesting historical features and homes from the 1920’s, so while your pup is enjoying his or her time cooling off in the creek, you can enjoy some pretty awesome scenery yourself. This trail is a MUST if you have never walked it.

  1. Schuylkill River Dog Park

My all-time favorite dog park to bring Brody to in the summer is the Schuylkill River Dog Park. Located conveniently along the Schuylkill River, you can easily go for a run or take a stroll on your way to the park. The park offers two different areas; one for large dogs and one for small dogs, plenty of benches and seating, endless amounts of tennis balls, and Brody’s favorite- a kiddie pool. I would say my all time favorite perk about this park is its location. After leaving the park, I walk 10 minutes to Unleashed by Petco  for a quick and easy dog bath. For ONLY $10 you can bathe your pup with the provided shampoo and conditioner, dry them off with the provided towels, and the best part–there is ZERO mess for you to clean up. Unleashed by Petco is my go-to spot when Brody is due for a bath.



There are so many dog-friendly places around the city of Brotherly Love. These top three are perfect for when the dog days of summer are excruciating hot and you want to treat your pup to some exercise and fun. If you have any totally awesome places you love to bring your pup to cool off, let me know with a comment below! 🙂


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